#44 FEPS Talks: The migration flows in the Mediterranean in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic


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Matteo de Bellis, researcher at International Amnesty, and Hedwig Giusto, FEPS Senior Policy Advisor on Migration

Matteo de Bellis, researcher at International Amnesty, discusses with Hedwig Giusto, FEPS Policy Advisor on Migration the current situation for migrants and refugees in Libya and along the Central Mediterranean route, as well as the effects that the COVID19 pandemic had on them.

Both experts also analyse how Libya became the receiving country of migrants and refugees during the Gaddafi era and the current relationship with the European Union in terms of migration. De Bellis denounces the situation and the disgraceful conditions of the detention centres in this country.

The International Amnesty researcher asks for a European Commission that is “a little bit more forceful in highlighting the need of respecting international law, not just in in grand statements but also in practice”. He demands that the new Pact for Migration and Asylum, to be released soon, emphasise the need “to protect the rights of refugees and migrants and to build an asylum system that works for the States but also for the asylum seekers”.

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