#49 FEPS Talks: Should we care about inequality?


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Danny Dorling, Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford and David Rinaldi, FEPS Director of Studies & Policy

Europe is a united continent despite its differences; some of the EU member states are about the better performing countries in terms of equality, others aren’t. Professor Dorling observes that economic prosperity is actually higher in countries that are more equal, empirical evidence is clear on the matter. Then, why we still think that big differences in wages are needed to ensure high productivity?

The podcast episode also presents some of the results of the FEPS & TASC report on “Inequality and the Top 10% in Europe” that highlights how most top earners do not think of themselves as rich or affluent and have rather progressive values. Lastly, the talk focuses on the role that the public sector can play, via redistribution, wage control and public services, to ensure a more equal and sustainable income distribution.

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