#50 FEPS Talks: European policies for sustainability and well-being


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Professor Enrico Giovannini, former Italian Minister of Labour and Social Policies and FEPS Secretary General László Andor

Professor Enrico Giovannini, former Italian Minister of Labour and Social Policies, is the special guest of the 50th edition of FEPS Talks. Secretary General László Andor interviews him during an online festival that commemorated the 5th anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. They elaborate on the complex meaning of sustainability and well-being, and debate about how the European Union can improve its strategies, and for that to apply some best practices of Italy regarding sustainability and the ecological transition in particular. Professor Giovannini argues that in the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis we are facing a high risk of not achieving a just transition. We need a recovery strategy with employment, the eradication of poverty and the implementation of the Social Pillar at its heart, if we want to make the economic system more ambitious in reducing emission and other targets related to sustainability. He also explains why the first attempt to implement the Youth Guarantee could not be successful in Italy, but this policy is as important today as before. This initiative and similar ones are vital to ensure social cohesion but also political stability the EU and especially Italy.

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