#57 FEPS Talks: What now? U.S. foreign policy post-2020 and the transatlantic partnership


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Professor Stephen Walt, Robert and Renée Belfer professor of International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School, and Vassilis Ntousas, FEPS Senior International Relations Policy Advisor

Professor Stephen Walt from the Harvard Kennedy School joins Vassilis Ntousas, Senior Policy Advisor at FEPS, for a timely discussion on U.S. foreign policy post-2020. What will be the impact of president Trump’s continuing refusal to concede that he lost the election on America’s international engagement and how are the domestic institutional arrangements going to affect the global agenda of the Biden administration? What should substantiate a new U.S. approach vis-à-vis China and what is the new White House expected to do in terms of the multilateral system? What can we expect from U.S. engagement with Europe in the future and what would this mean for the EU’s increasing willingness to take greater care of its own security?

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