#63 FEPS Talks: The rebirth of European solidarity


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László Andor and Mikael Leyi, Secretary Generals (respectively) of FEPS and Solidar

László Andor and Mikael Leyi, Secretary Generals (respectively) of FEPS and Solidar, analyse in the last FEPS Talk podcast episode of 2020 the lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of the different policy measures at European and national levels. What role social democrats have played to foster solidarity? Did policy makers listen to civil society before taking important decisions? They look back to key moments of 2020 like the budget negotiations or the discussion about an EU minimum wage. However, this is also an opportunity to look ahead. Andor and Leyi make their predictions for 2021, also in view of some political highlights: the social agenda of the Portuguese presidency of the Council and the Conference on the Future of Europe. Tune in and listen why social democrat policies will be crucial next year!

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