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Hornet, Eagle, Viper, Tomcat, Tiger, Raptor, Warthog, Moose... we've covered many colorfully-named aircraft here on the show and this week is no different with a discussion on the carrier-based nucular strike aircraft that served mainly in reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and aerial tanker roles from the mid-50's well into the 2000's. That's right, get ready for the 'Whale.'

On this episode, retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Rick Morgan joins us to discuss the Douglas A-3 Skywarrior, formerly known as the A3D which was derisively thought by some to mean "all three dead." Having literally written the book on the Skywarrior, Rick defends the A-3's honor and explains its extensive role in carrier-based operations during a pivotal half century that saw the end of the Cold War.

Listener questions answered on this episode include Top Gun-style tower buzzing in real life, a proposed episode on service academies, and a look at why the Blue Angels wear boom mics instead of traditional oxygen masks.

Bumper music by Jaime Lopez / announcements by Clint Bell. This episode is dedicated to the memory of the VQ-2 crew of Ranger 12.

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