FPP126 - Mitsubishi A6M "Zero"


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As the storm clouds of war once again formed in the late 1930's, the Japanese Imperial Navy requested proposals for a new aircraft carrier-based fighter that would dominate all competitors in aerial combat. The result was one of the most revered fighter aircraft to ever take to the skies: the Mitsubishi A6M Type 0, or as it later came to be more affectionately known: the "Zero."

On this episode, Messrs. Mark Murphy and Charlie Lynch join us to discuss the history of the Zero--unarguably one of the most capable carrier-based fighters of World War 2. They also share what it's like to fly one of only five remaining flyable Zeros in existence more than 80 years after its inception.

After the interview, Mr. "Mo" Aguiari stops by with an update on new content and great holiday gift ideas available from our friends over at Warbird Digest Magazine.

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