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Kyle Klaus is not your typical actor. Whilst many struggle with side hustles to support themselves during a long-term struggle to find work in the acting profession, Kyle has gone in another direction with more of a jet-set lifestyle. Whilst he's jumped on the long-haul flight that is the film industry alongside others in the acting fraternity, he's anything but a passenger.
For Kyle is also a successful entrepreneur with his own YouTube channel; he opened his first real estate business back in 2012 and has since become a retailer and restaurateur. One wonders how he fits acting in at all. Oh, and did we mention he writes and produces, too?
Among his acting credits includes roles in Homeland (2011 - 2020), Standing Eight (2016), Billions (2016 - ), The Last O.G. (2018 - ), Happy! (2017 - 2019) and The Blacklist (2013 - ).
In the following lengthy interview, Klaus gives us a great insight into his experiences of becoming an actor, securing roles and getting his work seen. We also discuss his love-hate relationship with agents, how the pandemic encouraged video-call casting and, of course, his many business interests.
(PS. He's done the actor bartending thing too by the way...)

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