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We're delighted to bring you this interview with the charming and wonderfully talented Ferdinand Kingsley, who plays Irving Thalberg in the latest masterpiece by director, David Fincher.

Mank (2020, Netflix) is set in old Hollywood and centres around the elite circle that were running MGM at the time Herman J. Mankiewicz was developing Orson Welles' masterpiece Citizen Kane (1941).

Accomplished actor Ferdinand Kingsley, son of actor Ben Kingsley and theatre director Alison Sutcliffe, speaks directly to his fellow actors about how he carved out his own path in the performing world. It really wasn't as easy as you may assume. He discusses the criticality of training, the difference between film acting and theatre performance, his childhood behind the curtain and his preparation process for playing a character with such a contrasting worldview and actions taken, such as, Thalberg.
This highly accomplished MGM film producer, played by Kingsley, became known for delivering the world's first mainstream "fake news", disguised as service announcements and documentary style clips in cinemas. Irving Thalberg produced these "news" segments using out of work actors and they were played at the beginning of most of his blockbuster movies, in order to influence the vote of the masses towards the Republican party.

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