HOW TO BE AN ACTOR with Kazy Tauginas


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Keanu Reeves, Wesley Snipes, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock? Oh - and don't forget Denzel Washington...
What would you give to work alongside any of these Hollywood acting stars? To learn from them, maybe even sit next to them on a film set and suggest to them that the scene they just filmed was going to be the shot for the movie's icon poster - in this case, John Wick (2014)?
Actor, producer and writer Kazy Tauginas can tell you all about it. He's been there and done it on films such as The Equalizer 2 and Dolemite Is My Name (2019).
Yet rather than letting his ego rise and his head graze the clouds, his feet remain firmly on the ground.
Kazy graduated film school at the New York Film Academy where he started building his filmmaking network, participating in a Q&A with the late Christopher Plummer, as well as Melissa Leo who was nominated for an Academy Award at the time. A solid foundation, then, for what was to come.
Having worked on set with Hollywood icons, Kazy Tauginas is able to provide a fascinating insight into how to make it as an actor.
Kazy's advice to aspiring filmmakers comes from a place of hard work, determination and natural acting talent, alongside screenwriting and producing work. He also has the perspective of having worked as a restauranteur and amateur boxer prior to making it as an actor and filmmaker in Hollywood.
Kazy's award winning short film, Standing Eight, is about professional boxer, Dusty Abrams who is forced to retire and contend with life outside of the ring after being diagnosed with lupus. Proceeds from the film will go to help fund lupus research.

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