PHILOSOPHY TO FILM | Screenwriter's Directorial Debut | Shawn Linden | Hunter Hunter (2020)


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Horror, though highly commercial, is a genre which has struggled for originality in recent years, according to many, perhaps more than any other genre. Often relying on jump scares, extreme levels of gore and the same old settings - audiences have been crying out for something fresh and exciting.
Shawn Linden's Hunter Hunter (2020) gives horror fans a fantasy twist that they didn't know they were begging for.

Our very own Pete Straley spoke with Shawn Linden, the writer/director of Hunter Hunter (2020) as he discussed the intense experience of filming in extreme conditions, the relief of working with a stellar cast and the challenge of making the transition from screenwriter to director.
The incredibly humble and talented independent filmmaker was more than happy to share his filmmaking journey with us at Film Forums and such a pleasure he was to have on the show.
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