WRONG TURN REBOOT | Director Mike P. Nelson | Horror Classic Returns | Filmmaking Tips | Interview


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Mike P. Nelson is the director of the newest instalment of a classic horror franchise, with Wrong Turn (2021). The film follows a group of friends as they hike the Appalachian Trail. When they stray from the path, they stumble upon an isolated community who have lived there for hundreds of years and will go to any length to protect their way of life.
In this interview, filmmaker Mike talks with Aiysha Jebali about his journey breaking into the film industry; from working in a grocery store and filming weddings, to making his first feature film with MGM. The key to his success? No matter what he was doing, he never stopped creating.
Be sure to watch until the end as Nelson shares valuable tips for film students and aspiring filmmakers, including how to work with studio executives and retain your creative vision for a film project.
Wrong Turn (2021) is available on VOD, Digital, DVD and Blu-ray from 23rd February 2021.
Starring Matthew Modine (Stranger Things (2016 - ), Full Metal Jacket (1987), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Adain Bradley (The Bold and The Beautiful (1987 - ) , All American (2018 - ), Bill Sage (Orange Is The New Black (2013 - 2019) and Charlotte Vega (Warrior Nun 2020 - ).

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