Ep 273: Scaling Yourself As An Advisor: Tucking In Or Institutionalizing Your Own IP with Penny Phillips 


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Penny Phillips is the President and Co-Founder of Journey Strategic Wealth, an independent RIA platform for advisors to outsource their back-office compliance and operations management. Through the firms they work with, Journey Strategic Wealth oversees $3 billion in assets and offers their advisors the ability to lean into already-built processes so they can scale their own time and productivity in order to focus on the client work they enjoy.

Listen in as Penny shares her journey through the advisor industry, from coaching advisors who were transitioning from insurance to financial advice, to launching her advisor platform in the middle of a pandemic. We also discuss the challenges that firms face building structures and centralizing operations (even with all the technology advancements in the industry), how Journey Strategic Wealth gives advisors the flexibility to choose how much plug-and-play support they need, and why making unpopular decisions often comes with the territory when leading a growing business.

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