Retirement Statistics Worth Understanding


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Have you ever stopped to think about your journey of learning all that you have about money and finances? Did you parents shape your financial views most heavily? Is there a TV or radio expert that has influenced you most? Or have you learned everything from a book or Google?


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Show Notes:

2:13 - Main Topic: Retirement Statistics

2:30 - 17% Of American Workers Are Confident They Can Retire

5:04 - The Average 65 Year Old Woman Has A Life Expectancy Of 20.7 More Years

8:00 - 16.5% Of Our Country’s Population Is 65+

11:09 - The Average Retiree Faces Around 300K Of Out Of Pocket Medical Expenses

12:39 - 20% Of People Have Had A Written Plan Done

16:12 - Getting To Know: Who Besides Your Parents, Taught You The Most About Life?

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