132 - Contrarian Investments In Frontier Markets And The Balcans | Ladislas Maurice


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Hi this is Mathias,

today I talk with Ladislace Maurice from the wandering investor about international investing and diversification.

In this episode we look into our passion for finding outstanding investments worldwide.

So who is Ladislas?

He studied outside of Europe in Australia and Canada and was working in Africa for a swiss multinational company. There he gained a lot of international experience in a leadership position.

After his career is now solely focusing on researching and traveling especially in the frontier and emerging markets. He is excited about finding undervalued investment opportunities. In this episode we talk about his approach, current opportunities in different countries and why you definitely should become a plumber africa or check out uranium.

Yeah- Great episode ahead. See you in a bit. 🤓 Full shownotes and mentioned links on our website: http://bit.ly/fieurope132

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Alvar / Mathias / Araminta & Co

We talk about

  • Contrarian investments worldwide
  • Investing in Budapest, Uzbekistan and Montenegro
  • Believes you need to have to leave Europe
  • What makes a good investor
  • Compliance in africa
  • Uranium markets

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