A 29 Year Old Who Likes Gold and Insurance - Jerry Fetta #5336


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Summary: I sit down and chat with Jerry Fetta—who started his career in mainstream financial services and now helps people gain financial education and achieve financial freedom. We discuss life insurance, the precious metals, cryptocurrency, and inflation to grasp the current economy and pinpoint what you can do to invest efficiently. Tune in to hear more. Highlights: -Jerry started his career in mainstream financial services -As he learned more about macroeconomics, his business evolved tremendously -He helps people gain financial education and achieve financial freedom -Family offices have also played into financial success -There is bank owned and corporate owned life insurance; it serves as a tier one reserve pool -Everyone should look into life insurance to set cash aside -Precious metals haven’t behaved well since hitting their all time high in August of 2020 -The value of gold is intrinsic and does not dictate the price—other factors within the market do -Gold always mirrors inflation and is based on consumer emotion -People are in denial of inflation, but once they come to terms with it, gold prices will probably shoot up -Crypto needs intrinsic value to be able to promise earnings; it does, however, have extrinsic value -The intrinsic value also needs to be higher than the extrinsic value -With inflation, there is the expansion of the money supply as well as price increase Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Jerry Fetta Instagram Jerry Fetta Website

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