News production practices and the need for inclusivity: Interviewing Zoë Papaikonomou


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In an exclusive interview with Find Out Why, Zoë Papaikonomou, an Amsterdam based investigative journalist, author, keynoter, media educator and diversity advocate shares compelling insights into the practices of inclusive journalism.

Zoë answers timely questions:

-how mainstream media outlets can foster a culture of belonging where everyone's talents are nurtured and celebrated?

-what tools chief editors can wield to practice inclusion?

- why inclusion strategies at the centre of media workforce, workplace, and marketplace can significantly affect both the content quality and the audience’s expansion?

She outlines the importance of new media education in today’s information world and the challenges of the online culture of anger and hate at specific social media platforms.

This interview sheds light at the decisions involved prior to the news production and inspires us on deciding what we should look for during our media consumption.
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