Episode 21: Creating a Family Business Plan: Interview with Danielle Bettmann


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Today Danielle with Wholeheartedly and the Host of the Failing Motherhood podcast is going to talk about a Family Business Plan! She is going to tell us what exactly a Family Business Plan is and why we would benefit from having one!

What we discussed in the episode:

  • A Family Business Plan is made up of:
    • A family mission statement
    • Core values
    • End goals
  • Why it is important to create a Family Business Plan and how you can create one
  • Advice for parents with littles during the pandemic:
    • Meet your kids’ need and YOUR needs!
    • Give kids autonomy and consistency with their own calendar!
    • Pick your battles with your kids and be kind and gentle to yourself

How to get in touch with Danielle:

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