Episode 22: Overdue and Over It


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Today I am talking about going past your due date in pregnancy. The goal of the show today is to tell you about my own personal experience with being overdue and to give you some suggestions on what you can do with that time!

In addition to talking about my experiences going past my due date with each of my pregnancies, I also talk about how I was introduced to my favorite podcast, The Longest Shortest Time.
The difference between going overdue the first and second time was night and day! I had been there before, but what did I do differently?

  • The biggest difference was my mental framework:
    • Having a list of things I could do with my time
    • Setting expectations that he wouldn’t be born until 42 weeks
  • I planned ahead!
    • I made a Can Do list instead of a To Do list!
    • Everyday that I woke up pregnant I had a list of things that I could do that day
    • Then it was a win-win
      • If I was still pregnant, I got stuff done
      • If I wasn’t...I had my baby!

The average first time mom goes into labor at 41 weeks + 1 day!
To be clear, I am not recommending that no one get induced!!! One of my goals in my pregnancy was to have as few medical interventions as possible, especially getting induced. That was important to me! Each birthing person, baby and pregnancy is different. If you are interested in reading about what the evidence shows about the pros and cons of going past your due date vs. getting induced, here is a great article by Evidence Based Birth: https://evidencebasedbirth.com/evidence-on-due-dates/

My recommendations for creating your own "Can Do List"

  • You aren’t giving yourself a list of tasks to accomplish
  • You are thinking of Self Care activities to do while you are waiting
  • I suggest making a few different lists depending on what you are in the mood for!
    • Connecting
      • Spend time with your spouse: have date nights, discuss preparing for the birth and parenting
      • Spend time with family and friends, even if this is over FaceTime!
      • Spend time with yourself:
        • Go for a walk
        • Listen to this song
        • Journal
        • Listen to your favorite music
        • Watch your favorite movie
    • Productivity
      • Make freezer meals for you to eat after baby arrives
      • Clean your house or dust the baby’s room
      • Do some Spinning Babies exercises to get your baby in the optimal position
      • Write your baby gift Thank You notes
      • Find postpartum support!
        • Postpartum doula
        • Find a support group: Here is the link to the one I host
        • Find a lactation consultant to support you after birth if you want to breastfeed
    • Resting and Restoring

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