Episode 25: Postpartum Depression: Interview with Ronnisha Anderson


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Today we are discussing a very important topic: Postpartum Depression.

Ronnisha Anderson is a mental health professional and certified professional life coach. Her mission is to provide her clients with support so they can flourish and empower themselves! Today, she and I share about our personal experiences with Postpartum Depression (PPD). Additionally, Ronnisha will discuss the intersection of PPD and Marriage and Family Therapy.

In the this episode, we discuss:

  • How Ronnisha realized she had Postpartum Depression
  • The importance of self-awareness and doing inner work
  • How she remedied her PPD:
    • therapy
    • self-care and being intentional with her time
    • self-compassion, grace and kindness
  • Ronnisha discussed how she decided to become a therapist
    • she hadn't gone to therapy herself until college!
  • I share about my experience with PPD as well
    • what it was like to experience this with a second child, but not the first
  • The intersection of Postpartum Depression with Marriage and Family Therapy

How to get in touch with Ronnisha:

Website: https://www.ronnishaalaine.com/

*Use code: FYV40 to get 40% off of Ronnisha’s coaching services!
Facebook: @ronnishaalaine

Instagram: @ronnishaalaine

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