Episode 28: Gentle Sleep Training: Interview with Anna Clifford


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In today's show we are discussing baby sleep again! Today, I talk to Anna Clifford, who is a Cincinnati based Sleep Consultant, that specializes in Gentle Sleep Training. Anna went through the Sleep Consultant Certification Program created by previous FYV podcast guest, Jayne Havens. Today, Anna differentiates between Gentle Sleep Training methods and other methods that include Extinction or Crying It Out.
The goal today is to explain what gentle sleep training is, debunk the misconception that all baby sleep training programs involve “Crying It Out”. We also discuss what it is like to work with a Sleep Consultant who specializes in Gentle Sleep training methods.

In the episode we discuss:

  • Anna’s background in gymnastics and how she became a Sleep Consultant
  • Anna also shares about her experience with getting her own babies to sleep!
  • We share our “Binky Fairy” & “Paci Fairy” stories!
  • What exactly is Gentle Sleep Coaching/Training?
    • You teach your baby how to fall asleep independently, but you will give them assistance and help them calm down so that they can learn how to fall asleep on their own. You slowly decrease the amount of assistance that you provide over time.
  • What happens typically when you start working with a Sleep Consultant
    • Parents fill out intake form
    • Sleep Consultant learns about families routine, habits, information about the child and their current sleep habits
    • Sleep Consultant creates custom sleep plan for family and discusses the plan over the phone
  • Sleep Consultants usually offer different packages or tiers of service offerings depending on what each family needs

How to get in touch with Anna:

If you are interested in becoming a Sleep Consultant, like Anna, she was certified by the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. If you are looking for a Sleep Training certification course, you can use code: FYV150 at checkout to get a $150 discount off the course at thecpsm.com.

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