Episode 29: Traveling the world with babies in tow: Interview with David Hoffman


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Today, we are talking about traveling the world with babies in tow! I am so fortunate that David Hoffman joined me as a guest a few weeks ago to discuss his journey into parenthood. David is a former classmate of mine from Northwestern and before the pandemic set in, he and his wife Liv spent a lot of their time traveling while working and raising their two daughters. The goal of the show today is to share David’s perspective of traveling and living in different cities around the world with a toddler and a baby!

In this episode we discuss:

  • David’s background: co-founded Next Big Sound and after it was sold to Pandora, he met his wife, Liv
  • David and Liv’s adventures traveling with their newborn
  • What it was like to live in Air BnBs with a baby
  • Traveling and pregnancy during the time of Zika
  • Living in Quito, Ecuador at the beginning of their second pregnancy
  • How to find a babysitter in a new city!
  • How the pandemic has informed their decision for where they are living now.

David and Liv’s baby gear recommendations:

Books: Home Game by Michael Lewis for the big picture
Mom's On Call for schedules

Stroller: Bugaboo Cameleon for 1 kid
Uppababy Vista for 2 kids if you're in a city
Thule Chariot for towing behind our bikes, taking on walks and hikes

Travel Bassinet: Babyhome Bassinet

Travel Crib: Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib

White noise: Spotify White Noise Rain

Bag: The KAOS Diaper Bag (my wife sells it on our store and it's our go-everywhere bag)

Thermos: a good Thermos for milk! (clean it ASAP or it gets nasty)

Travel Diaper Pails: Munchkin Toss Portable Disposable Diaper Pail

How to get in touch with David:


Blue House: Seriously, Liv’s shop is beautiful. Check it out.


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