Episode 31: Toddler Talking Tips: Interview with Samantha Ecker


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Welcome to Season Two of the Finding Your Village Podcast!!

I am so thankful to Samantha Ecker, who is our guest for today’s show, which is about how you can encourage your child’s speech and language development. Samantha is a speech-language pathologist and a mom of three. She is the creator of Toddler Talking Tips and she believes that, with a little guidance, parents are capable of making a huge difference in how their toddlers communicate.
In today’s episode we discuss:

Samantha’s experience as a mom with her children’s speech development

  • First child delayed with gross motor but ahead with language skills
  • Second child delayed with language, ahead with motor

Key principles all parents should know about language development:

  • Input-Output Principle: the more language they hear, the more they learn
  • Low-Pressure Principle: fewer questions and quizzing
  • Primary Skills Principle: there’s a hierarchy to language learning
  • Back Up Principle: meet your child where they are, build on strengths

Early Intervention programs

Ways to learn from Samantha:


The W.A.N.T. IT Way Course*: Teaches parents how to help their toddlers communicate without frustration: https://learn.toddlertalkingtips.com/courses/wantitway

  • Which-One
  • Anticipation
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Temptations

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How to get in touch with Samantha:

  • Instagram: @ToddlerTalkingTips
  • Facebook: @ToddlerTalkingTips
  • Facebook Group: MyTalkingToddler

Thank you so much for listening!

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