Episode 32: Pediatric Sleep Consultant Panel Q&A


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In today’s episode I spoke with 3 Pediatric Sleep Consultants about baby sleep. I have compiled a list of common baby sleep questions that new parents have and our experts have answered those questions today!

Our Sleep Consultants:

Amanda Israel: Lullaby Magic Sleep Consulting

  • IG: @LullabyMagicSleepConsulting
  • www.lullabymagic.com

Steffi Edwin: Jolie Sleep Consulting

  • IG: @JolieSleep
  • www.joliesleep.com

Shannon Buhera: Nights and Naps

  • IG: @Nights_andnaps
  • www.nightsandnaps.com

Baby Sleep Questions:

How do you get a baby to sleep in their own crib instead of in their parents bed?

  • Parents must be ready for this transition
  • Choose the right sleep training method: for instance the Sleep Lady Shuffle
  • Make a plan and be consistent!
  • Establish bedtime routine and safe sleep environment

What do you do when your baby has their days and nights mixed up?

  • Open your blinds during the day to help your baby identify awake-time
  • Create a consistent bedtime routine
  • Wake up your baby from a nap after 2 hours

How do you get a baby to stop waking up multiple times at night?

  • The goal is for your baby to fall back asleep on their own
  • When your baby wakes up give them a chance to fall back asleep on their own for a minute
  • Break a negative sleep association (don’t nurse or rock them to sleep)
  • Get a video baby monitor

When do you stop swaddling an infant and how do you help them fall asleep and stay asleep without the swaddle?

  • Ways to transition them:
    • Swaddle with their arms up with elbows tucked in
    • Swaddle with one arm out
    • Cold turkey
  • When to transition them:
  • Don’t give up on the swaddle!
    • If your baby fusses try rocking them, on their side and saying shhhh close to their ear. They will likely calm down quickly.
    • Try to a SwaddleMe to more easily swaddle your baby

How do you get your toddler to stay in their bed?

  • The Silent Return:
    • When your toddler comes out of their room, you silently walk them back to their room and put them back in bed
    • Do this as many times as it takes, be consistent!
    • Pick only one phrase to say to them and say nothing else: I love you, it is time to sleep
  • Get an ok-to-wake clock, like the Hatch

Reach out to Amanda, Steffi or Shannon to hire them as a Sleep Consultant if you would like one on one help!

Also, all of the consultants that you heard today trained with Jayne Havens, founder of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. If you are interested in becoming a Sleep Consultant yourself Jayne has offered all FYV listeners a $150 discount off her certification course. Just use the code: FYV150 at checkout when you register for the course at thecpsm.com.

Thank you so much for listening!

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