Episode 35: Bottle Feeding Tips for Optimal Oral Development: Interview with Mallory Millet


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Today I am talking to Mallory Millet about all things bottle feeding. Mallory is a Speech Language Pathologist and the founder of the Feeding Mom. In this episode we discuss the need for resources and support for bottle feeding parents. Mallory is going to give us five recommendations for what parents should know about bottle feeding to encourage optimal oral development.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Who is The Feeding Mom?
  • Moving past the notions of “breast is best” vs “fed is best”
  • What are the gaps in service for bottle feeding parents
  • Mallory’s top 5 recommendations to encourage optimal oral development:
  1. Buy at least 3 different types of bottle nipples to allow your baby to try to see which one they prefer
  2. Use the paced feeding strategy and the elevated side lying position
    • Have baby elevated and lying on their side
    • Watch your baby’s cues for when they need to suckle rather than drink
    • Check out Mallory’s videos on Instagram to see an example of how to do this: @infant.feeding.specialist
  3. Learn your baby’s cues for when they are hungry vs. full
    • Pay attention to how many ounces baby drinks in a 24 hour period rather than at each feeding
    • The amount will change depending on the time of day
  4. Create a routine rather than a schedule
  5. Reach out for help if you are experiencing any issues

Thank you so much for listening to the show today. Please feel free to reach out to Mallory on Instagram or via her website, and I have linked to both in the show notes on Findingyourvillagepod.com.

I wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone. My family celebrates Christmas and I am going to take a break this coming week to spend time with my family and celebrate this holiday. I will be back with a new episode on January 3rd. I have some great content lined up for 2021. Also, I have a question for you listeners: what pregnancy or postpartum topics are you interested in hearing about this next year? Please send me a DM on Instagram at FindingYourVillage or send me an email at Amanda@findingyourvillagepod.com.

Have a happy holiday and stay safe and healthy!

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