Episode 36: Finding Joy in Injustice: Interview with Tracy Wilson


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Today to kick off the new year I have a really special episode for you. This week I am doing a podcast swap with Tracy Wilson of The Melanated Mom Podcast. This episode will be airing here on Finding Your Village and later this week on her show The Melanated Mom Podcast.

I had a great conversation with Tracy about hard topics. We talked about social injustice, the Super Hero complex that many of us moms get lost in, we discussed race and white privilege and the thread that took us through it all was the idea of finding joy in the midst of injustice. While that is very difficult to do and takes a brave and vulnerable person to do, it is really important, especially now and for parents to model for their kids.

I think this conversation is a really important one to start the year off with and I am so grateful and honored to have had this conversation with Tracy. Thank you so much for listening!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of making time for yourself as a mom
  • Super Hero Syndrome
  • Race and white privilege
  • Tracy shared a personal experience that she had within her neighborhood
  • Anti-racism resources
    • We also recommend following Ebony Janice on Instagram to find out more about sustaining joy in anti-racism work. She is @ebonyjanice
  • How we met
    • Through Lisa Sharon Harper’s Instagram Live video
    • We both found her by watching a conversation that she had with Jen Hatmaker, which we both highly recommend that everyone watch: White Women’s Toxic Tears
  • The importance of cultivating self compassion
  • Joy for us has been created through: making connections, letting go of guilt, letting go of the Super Hero Syndrome and cultivating self compassion
  • I shared my biggest lesson in my quest for knowledge and understanding of racial reconciliation: accepting the need to listen to difficult stories from the past and getting comfortable with our horrific and really uncomfortable history
  • The importance of talking to our kids about the history of racism in this country
  • To truly experience joy, we have to let go of our “safe space” and get vulnerable

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