Episode 37: Dynamic Self Care: Interview Christa Bevan


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In today’s episode I speak with Christa Bevan of The Radical Mother Village about dynamic self care!

Christa is a Dynamic Self Care Coach for Radical Mothers. She is also a TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) Provider and a Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor. What in the world are Radical Mothers, you might ask? Those moms who are doing work to break cycles of generational trauma by doing work on themselves to heal from their own wounds so they can model healthy behavior for their children! If you are curious about what exactly dynamic self care is listen to the rest of this episode and I hope you can learn how to integrate this concept into your life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Dynamic Self Care which is made of 3 pillars:
    • self awareness
    • self love
    • self compassion
  • Dynamic Self Care is how you can care for yourself and nourish yourself on a deep level.
    • She differentiates “Dynamic Self Care” from “Pinterest self care”
    • “Dynamic Self Care” are the activities to reset your nervous system and that nourish you on a deep level
    • It enables you to mother from a place of feeling calm, collected and in control
  • Christa shares her Awakening to Love story
    • Her realization between the link between her autoimmune condition, Celiac Disease, and her realization that she did not have self-love
  • Nervous System Responses
    • Everything that your nervous system does is in service of survival
  • The types of stress responses that your body goes into:
    • Social Engagement stress response
    • Fight or Flight stress response
    • Freeze response
  • How to use the Dynamic Self Care model to discharge stressful energy
    • Be self aware about the times that you feel activated, then notice things that make you feel nourished afterward vs. feel distracted
  • When you are aware that you are in this state you can use activity to discharge the energy:
    • Exercise
    • Physical movement
    • Crying
    • Laughing
    • Speak to yourself positively, imagine what you would say to a best friend and say that to yourself
  • Cultivate a radical self acceptance of who you are
    • We discussed the Enneagram as a way of knowing insight about yourself as a place to start

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