Episode 39: How to Find Childcare as a New Parent: Interview with Shannon Parola


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For those of you listening to the show for the first time, let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda and I live in the suburbs of Atlanta with my husband and two kids who are 4 and 2. I am currently training to become a childbirth education mentor and my goal of this show is to make the early days of parenting more connected. Please follow the show on Instagram @findingyourvillage to see more about birth, postpartum and parent mental health.

Today we are discussing the topic of how to find childcare, especially if you are a first time parent. My guest is Shannon Parola, who has spent the past 15 years as a career nanny, newborn care specialist, and now mom of a beautiful one year old baby girl. As a mom and childcare provider, she has a unique perspective and insight for parents and nannies. Due to COVID, she’s opened a Childcare Coaching service to help parents navigate the various childcare options available to them.

In this episode we discuss:

Things to discuss with your partner before baby arrives:

  • What your childcare expectations are
  • What your budget is

Two different ways to find a nanny:

  • Research yourself, put out ads yourself and manage the interviews yourself
  • Hire an agency (extra fees associated)

If you are going about it on your own, where to start looking:

Nannies vs. Daycares are like Apples and Oranges!

  • Listen for Shannon’s fantastic analogy
  • It often comes down to budget

Process for hiring a Nanny:

  • Spell out your expectations in a job description: hours, pay, vacation time etc.
  • Create an ad and post to the above areas to look
  • Schedule and conduct interviews with applicants
  • When you find someone that is a good fit, have them come over for a trial day or week
  • Create a contract

How to get in touch with Shannon:

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