Episode 42: Explaining Tough Topics to your Little Ones: Interview with Dr. Micah Johnson


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In today’s episode you will hear the great conversation that I got to have with Micah Johnson. Dr. Johnson is a sociologist and serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy at the University of South Florida. Dr. Johnson’s research centers around childhood trauma, behavioral health, and juvenile justice. Dr. Johnson trains, speaks, and teaches internationally on topics related to trauma, poverty, antiracism, and sustainable peace. Dr. Johnson recently published a children’s book entitled “Never Had a Friend.”

In this episode we discuss the topic of explaining tough topics to your kids. This is such an important conversation and I find it very fitting to release it today, on Valentine’s day, because our discussion and Dr. Johnson’s work is all about promoting love and making this world a more compassionate and caring place.

In this episode we discuss:

Dr. Micah Johnson’s background

  • Goal: building peace and investing in young people
  • Passion is to use creativity and art to deal with adversity

Dr. Johnson’s new children’s book: Never Had a Friend

Discussing tough topics

  • Empowering parents to have hard conversations with young kids
  • Even as early as in pregnancy parents can start discussing with each other what moral foundation they want to establish for their family
  • Parents can get used to talking about difficult topics with each other

Age appropriate ways to introduce these topics

  • Books!
  • Don't make it a huge deal or one time conversation
  • Explain things as they come up and look at this as a lifelong discussion

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