Episode 46: Parenting While Working From Home: Interview with Shari Medini and Karissa Tunis


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In today’s episode we are discussing the very current topic of parenting while working from home. To discuss this topic, I had the privilege of interviewing Shari Medini and Karissa Tunis, who are the co-authors of Parenting while Working from Home: A Monthly Guide to Help Parents Balance Their Careers, Connect with Their Kids, and Establish Their Inner Strength. They are also the co-owners of the popular parenting website, AdoreThemParenting.com. With six kids between them and over a decade of work from home experience, they love sharing strategies that help fellow parents minimize the overwhelm while trying to juggle it all.

Shari and Karissa are going to share their expert advice on how to balance working from home and parenting.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Time management with babies and working from home
  • Do the things that mean the most
    • i.e. baby wear while taking a walk or doing chores
  • Work in chunks of time/work blocks
  • Focus on one area each day and rotate: House, Family, Work

Shari and Karissa’s new book: Parenting while Working from Home

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