Episode 51: Attachment Theory and EMDR: Interview with Eden Hyder


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In today’s episode, I am doing another Podcast swap! That means that this episode is also airing in the near future on my guest’s show, which is called Inside Out Podcast Today Eden Hyder and I are discussing attachment theory and EMDR.

Eden Hyder is a licensed therapist, psychology teacher and mother of two who is passionate about helping others understand themselves, their relationships and their kids from the inside out. She does this through her counseling practice Inside Out Collaborative, her 5-star podcast Inside Out, and her online psychology courses - all of which you can find through her website edenhyder.com

In this episode, Eden and I discuss attachment theory and talk about how EMDR therapy can help people with insecure attachments heal from their wounds and trauma. I share part of my story and get vulnerable in hopes of encouraging others to know that healing is possible. I hope you enjoy the episode and maybe even find encouragement and hope.

In this episode we discuss:

What is Attachment Theory?

  • A way of understanding people’s behavior and motivations through our relational patterns.
  • Those patterns develop from day one between the primary caregiver and infant. This core relationship gives us the rules that we apply to all relationships
  • Attachment is essentially a bond that we create for the purpose of safety

The four Attachment Styles:

  • Secure
  • Anxious
  • Avoidant
  • Fearful-Disorganized

What is EMDR?

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprograming: a way of reconnecting to a memory that creates stress or a traumatic experience
  • EMDR allows you to access those memories and allows you to process it and get “unstuck” from that experience

How EMDR can help an insecurely attached parent?

  • We have core attachment needs. Those with insecure attachments didn’t get some of those core needs met and that can result in distorted beliefs about ourselves
  • EMDR can help resolve those unhelpful beliefs and integrate a helpful resource to help us develop more secure attachments with others

I can discuss a little bit of my own story, having a disorganized attachment, what it has been like to parent while healing my own stuff with EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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