Episode 54: Hypnobirthing Childbirth Preparation: Interview with Sara Rossi


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In today’s episode, I continue this month’s podcast series on childbirth preparation programs. I had the opportunity to interview Sara Rossi, who is a Hynobirthing Instructor. Sara started as a prenatal yoga instructor and In 2007 she got certified in Hypnobirthing, the Marie Mongan Method and as an Infant Massage Instructor by the International Association of Infant massage.

Drawing on her experience as a mother, a prenatal yoga teacher, childbirth and infant massage educator, Sara looks to establish a safe and effective journey for pregnancy and beyond.

In this episode we discuss:

Sara’s background as a prenatal yoga instructor and how that led her to become a Hypnobirthing educator after the birth of her daughter

What Hypnobirthing is

  • A philosophy and method created by Marie Mongan
  • Dedicated to providing birthing women and their partners a proven method of birth education that not only guides and prepares women for birth, but also is a program that considers the psychological, spiritual and physiological well being of mother, partner and baby
  • Built on a framework of breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditation techniques and positive body toning


  • Allow you to enter an altered state of consciousness
  • Enables you to access the beta, alpha, delta and theta waves that allows you be in a deep relaxation between surges

Class Structure: 5 units that are 2.5 hours each

  • Unit 1: history of birth, physiology, the language of birth and how to use breathing techniques, visualizations and affirmations
  • Unit 2: bonding with baby, hypnosis techniques, how to communicate with care providers, and how to harness the power of the mind to reframe fear in birth
  • Unit 3: Deepening visualization and hypnosis techniques, how to prevent inductions, birth preferences, how to prepare body for birth through nutrition and movement and emphasize your body’s design for birth
  • Unit 4: How birth companion can support the birthing person, and how they can assist and advocate for the birthing person
  • Unit 5: optimal positions for baby during labor and birthing positions, bonding after birth and they touch on breastfeeding and the 4th trimester

The difference between a birth plan and birth preferences

  • You cannot plan birth
  • You can learn what your options are, what procedures are and then you can decide what your priorities are and write them down for you, your partner and birth team to be able to read

Who would be a good fit for Hypnobirthing:

  • It is for anybody
  • Those who want to eradicate their fears and doubts about birth
  • Anyone who wants to have a conscious, empowered and educated birth
  • Those who really want to include and bond with their partner through birth
  • Anyone who think of birth as a celebration and a huge transformation

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