Episode 55: Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Preparation Class: Interview with Cat LaPlante


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In today’s episode, I am focusing on a newer childbirth preparation program from Evidence Based Birth. I had a chance to sit down with Cat LaPlante, who is the Director of the Instructor Program at Evidence Based Birth®. She is a certified childbirth educator, certified doula, and an Evidence Based Birth Instructor. Cat's passion is empowering birthing people and their partners through evidence based education and supporting their informed choices.

In this episode we discuss:

The history of Evidence Based Birth

How Cat got involved with EBB and became the Director of the Evidence Based Birth® Instructor Program

What the EBB Childbirth Education Class is like:

  • Three pillars are: comfort, evidence and advocacy
  • Starts with an online orientation, there are two models now depending on where you are: in person and online
  • Teach about birth statistics and how to look them up for their care provider
  • Online class is comprised of videos for parents to watch and then are followed with online calls with instructors
  • The class goes over: comfort measures, interventions and the evidence on both and how to advocate for yourself or your partern
  • There is also a postpartum section that goes over: delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, circumcision, diaper and washing baby and postpartum care plan

Who would be a good fit for EBB Childbirth Class:

  • For the parent who wants to know it all
  • Those who want to know the evidence and practice comfort and relaxation techniques

Don't forget to see the special cohorts and other classes being offered by EBB Instructors both virtually and in person in your area at www.evidencebasedbirth.com/parentclasses/

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