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The Glen Manor property has been in Jeff White's family since 1901. However, it was Jeff who saw the potential that the family property had as an ideal site for a vineyard. He planted his first vines at Glen Manor Vineyards in 1995. A mere 1.2 acres of Sauvignon Blanc. At the time Jeff was working for and learning about winegrowing from Jim Law at Linden Vineyards. He would sell his grapes to Jim for a number of years until he ultimately planted additional vines and started to produce his own wine with the 2007 vintage.
His wines are among the best grown today in Virginia and Jeff, who insist he is just a farmer, is widely respected throughout the Virginia wine industry and his wines are an example of why Virginia is one of the most exciting emerging wine regions in the world.
a). Jeff explains why he left the defense industry where he was working to move to his families farm and work with his father on his Christmas Tree business and his grandfathers Cattle farm. The same farm that he would later plant a vineyard and become a winegrower.
b). Jeff chronicles how he was able to get a summer intern position with Professor Tony Wolf at the Agriculture Research and Extension Center near Winchester not far from his families property and the influence that had on him.
c). Next he describes how he managed to get Jim Law at Linden Vineyards to take him on as his assistant and he would ultimately worked at Linden for 12 years.
d). Jeff answers my question about a possible generational pass at Glen Manor by explaining that his niece Ashleigh White is now working closely with him in the vineyards and he hopes that she will carry on the family name when the time comes for him to slow down.
e). Jeff explains the importance of elevation for vineyard sites in Virginia. Glen Manor is at 1400 ft.
f). When I asked him what varietal he is excited about he speaks to just recently planting Nebbiolo and is optimistic about the future of making wine from it.
Much, much more. Listen below. You can also read the text transcript attached.

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