Bonus Episode 12: Halo Infinite Demo Reactions


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In this bonus episode, Jesse and Alex discuss the new Halo Infinite campaign gameplay trailer released during the July Xbox Games Showcase. Taking a few days to take it in and debunk some rumors already popping up, the two discuss the facts around what we know and don’t know about Halo Infinite thus far. We saw new weapons, abilities, a new open world ring, and of course, Craig. We’ll have to see all that 343 industries and Microsoft give us this holiday season. How are you feeling about Halo Infinite? PC Gamer article on Halo Infinite: ::FTF MERCH:: NEW PRINT SHOP!!!! MERCH STORES We launched a Patreon! If you would like to support the podcast and gain additional content such as post shows and bonus episodes, be sure to check it out at Shout outs to our amazing Patrons! - Alejandro Jaramillo - AngryCanadien - Baby Z - Brandon Reshetar - Brenton Bagley - Charles Zitter - Cowyn Fong-Feliciano - dgamer1298 - Dilfix - Dust Storm - Francis - Graham - Grant Dillon - Harvey Chong - James Yervasi - Jonas - K3RNL PANIC - Taqtix - Mister Chofe - DragonFire - QuantumEasy - Skyjack - thatLIgamerguy - ZZ Slipaway Join our Discord! - Follow us on: Instagram: @Finishthefightpodcast Twitter: @FTFHalocast Facebook: Youtube:

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