How to keep your Cryptos Safe?


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How to keep your Cryptos Safe?

I recommend to be always a bit paranoid.
Alessandro Avagliano, Head of Security at Bitwala

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If you have a considerable amount of money in crypto, make sure the least number of people knows about it.
Alessandro Avagliano, Head of Security at Bitwala

The Head of Security

In this interview, we walk to Alessandro Avagliano, the Head of Security and Infrastructure at Berlin-based crypto challenger bank Bitwala ( Allesandro has been with companies like Sun Microsystems, Oracle, or Rocket Internet before, but joined Bitwala 2019 as head of security.

One of the safest solutions is still a paper wallet, stored in a safe place, … maybe even across locations.
Alessandro Avagliano, Head of Security at Bitwala

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For retail investors, the safest way may be paper-based storage, with some liquidity in a wallet.
Alessandro Avagliano, Head of Security at Bitwala

The Challenge

In this interview, we are talking about best practices on how to keep your cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets safe as a private investor. We talk about different levels of safekeeping and even have an idea how Elon Musk could keep his cryptos safe. You can learn more in the blog post here:

Other Interview

We already published our interview with Bitwala’s founder in April 2020. We talk to Benjamin about his life, the idea behind Bitwala, and solve the secret behind its name. Learn more in this interview here:

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