FNP 153 : Mike Wood - Understanding Antifa and Riots


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I have to say, 2020 has been the opposite in terms of being a great start to the decade. We are halfway through the year and it seems that life as we know it is changing. I thought COVID was horrible until I started seeing riots in the street and attacks on cops. Of course, this reminded me of a podcast episode I did with Mike Wood talking about the lessons we can learn from the 60s and 70s law enforcement officers. So I brought Mike back on the show to help explain what we are dealing with and how to respond.

Mike Wood is the son of a 30 year veteran of California Highway Patrol and Mike wrote the book “Newhall Shooting-A Tactical Analysis”. This book breaks down the horrific shooting of four CHP officers and what was learned. Mike also is a firearms instructor, teaches at the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) and s columnist for PoliceOne.com. His column is called Tactical Analysis and provides insight on how officers can better protect themselves out on the streets.

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