Risky 'CRISPR' sex? Worries grow over partners injected with Covid RNA vax


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Not only has the decision to be injected with an experimental RNA vaccine shown to often be fatal, it can condemn your offspring to a dystopian future. And there is no reset button. It's forever. Get the unvarnished truth about gene-splicing and the CRISPR technology that's now impacting all of us. If your sex partner has been injected with one of these substances you need to watch this episode.

Links mentioned in the show:

Church bans RNA vaccines https://www.prlog.org/12832383-marcionite-church-forbids-rnadna-vaccinations-for-members.html

Gene inheritance breakthrough https://newatlas.com/crispr-mouse-gene-inheritance/58183/

Small countries bribed to go along with Covid scam https://www.theveryfirstbible.org/bolsheviks.html

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