How a Philly Cop Transitioned into a Full Time Investor


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In this episode, Dave Knight, together with his valuable guest Karl Schnitzer will talk about how to get started in real eatate, how it works, and how you can earn thousands and even millions over time.

Karl Schnitzer is a former Philadelphia Police Officer having spent most of his time working the road dealing with rough & high crime areas. Karl has shifted in his career and is now a real estate agent and full time investor.

In this episode, he will be sharing his journey on real estate, how he built his financial freedom without compromising his time, having an additional income, and sharing the right mindset when investing a real estate. Learn how to enjoy your wealth while handling time wisely by tuning into this podcast!


  • VIP Financial Coaching and why you should consider one
  • The journey of being an ex-cop to becoming a real estate investor
  • Stepping stones in becoming a real estate investor
  • What is seller financing and how does it work?
  • Reinvesting and getting good tenants
  • The importance of delegating tasks in the business
  • Having the investor’s mindset instead of the consumer’s mindset
  • Investing vs Saving


IG: @schnitz93

Facebook: Karl Schnitzer

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