Curing decision making disorders through the craft of consulting with Deb Zahn (Episode 142)


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Are you exploring or tossing up the opportunity of going out on your own - of being your own boss?
As I’m 18 months into my own journey, I always love the opportunity to discuss what it takes to do that, to build and maintain your sanity!
Today’s guest is an absolute rock-star when it comes to this, too - so if you’re into building your own facilitation business, or becoming a consultant, you will love this episode.
Deb Zahn is a sought-after consultant with 10 years of successful consulting under her belt. As a go-to source in her market, she routinely brings in 6- and 7-figures a year and has built a steady, reliable pipeline of work. Her consulting methods turn her clients into her biggest fans and best marketers. They come back to her again and again and continually send her new clients.
As a consultant, Deb is especially known for her ability to cure “decision-making disorders” with individuals and groups.
She is the host of the Craft of Consulting podcast, which features other successful consultants who share their strategies and insights about building their consulting businesses and delighting their clients as well as

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