Facilitation for Innovation: Mixing together madness, measure and magic sauce with Joeri Schilders (Episode 126)


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If I was playing a game of corporate buzzword meeting bingo, the one word I’d like on my bingo card would be: Innovation!

(“Unprecedented” would be my second choice).

Many leaders, teams and companies talk about innovation. It’s often a company value. Yet, we still see traditional work practices, and not a lot of real innovation happening.

So, what is innovation? What does it even mean?

My guest this week, Joeri Schilders believes innovation isn’t a simple 7-step framework. He says it’s more like a street fight (and he’s been in a few)

After having lived in the US, UK and China for almost half his life, Joeri set up The Magic Sauce in Singapore in 2013 - a boutique agency that works with global clients around their innovation challenges, culture and capability.

Over the past decade and a bit, he has worked on numerous challenges spanning from new product development across Asian emerging markets, digitising traditional manufacturing in Europe, to building systemic innovation cultures around the globe.

Joeri bring tons of energy, a pragmatic approach and fresh inspiration, which you’ll also find on his YouTube channel, Joeri the Magic Sauce.

In this conversation, discuss many topics, including:

  • How to facilitate innovation in organisations and help employees take action when the workshop is over
  • How to manage your relationships with clients as an external facilitator
  • Joeri’s predictions on the future of workshops + virtual facilitation

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