How to structure a 60 minute virtual workshop that delights your participants with Leanne Hughes (Episode 127)


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This episode was inspired by a question that came through on The Flipchart community last week from Yishan Chan, host of the Talent Stack podcast.

She asked, “Hi Leanne, is there a short podcast episode I can share with my workplace on why we need to think differently about how Zoom "show and tell" sessions are run?”

Today I share my approach, mindset, key considerations and structure, on how to deliver a 60 min virtual training session, or workshops - that boosts interaction and engagement.

The methods I share on today’s show are simple - no use of difficult technology, just simple ways to mix things up and keep you audience front and centre.

I also hope this episode inspires you to share with me your approach to 30-60minute workshop delivery. What great things do you bring in, to create interaction?

Also, you’ve heard it here first! Joeri from The Magic Sauce and I are collaborating on a program called Virtually Possible.

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