How to turn a workshop into a killer keynote speech with Leanne Hughes (Episode 167)


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Your workshops are amazing: So amazing that you’ve been asked to share your expertise in a keynote presentation! How do you convert your interactive group content, to something that can be delivered from the stage in front of hundreds of people?

That’s the topic I explore today, where I share actionable tips on how I prepare for a keynote speech. Spoiler alert: The first thing I do when designing a speech is to step away from my computer, and go out for a walk!

Thanks to Adele Spurgin, who asked the following question in The Flipchart this week:

“Traditionally I am right at home facilitating so today when a keynote speaking gig in front of 750pax was offered to me, I just said YES & am now starting to workout the how!

Any advice, insights etc would be greatly appreciated!!! As I haven’t done this size crowd in a while.

Leanne Hughes I saw your LinkedIn post and although this is not an MC role maybe you could help shed some insights pls!

I mean how hard can it be, right?”

Listen in to hear how I design, prepare, rehearse and deliver my keynotes in this week’s episode.

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