How walkshops can help you read the room better with Jacinta Cubis (Episode 124)


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We’ve never really taken a deep dive on the concept of “noticing”. Noticing your perspectives, other people’s perspectives, seeing things in a new light, or a different way.

I think this is always relevant, particular as facilitators - noticing, sensing what’s happening in a workshop room (or a Zoom room!).

My guest this week, Jacinta Cubis, is one of Melbourne’s most energetic and creative facilitators. She went to uni to become a journalist, exited a filmmaker and developed photographs in a Parisian basement.

She’s absolutely thrilled to be hosting Virtual #Facilitography Walkshops.

You heard it right, WALK SHOPS. What a cool concept.

Curious? Listen to find out more!

Jacinta is passionate about bringing out the best in people as a facilitator, coach and mentor. As an author and speaker, she inspires and energises people with insights and ideas. She loves helping thought leaders and experts translate technical information into engaging content, and nail want they want to say, for diverse audiences.

For almost 20 years, she has facilitated collaborations, partnerships, workshops and forums on diverse topics for government, education and community sectors.

I think you’ll really love how she’s connected street photography and facilitation together, to create something amazingly unique.

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