Ready, Fire, Aim: Co-facilitator reflections from Virtually Possible with Joeri Schilders (Episode 140)


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It’s always fun to deliver a project but as we all know as facilitators, many of the lessons learned are discovered in the reflection!

Joeri Schilders and I met a few months ago and in space of a few weeks, created a concept for a project, launched it, welcomed members in, created the program and delivered it.

In this episode, Joeri and I debrief the first, online collaboration project we delivered together called Virtually Possible. We debrief:

  • Benefits and advantages of co-facilitation

  • Process of building, creating the Virtually Possible facilitation program

  • Virtually Possible platform - the channels, activities, and fun challenges

  • SIFT - Stuff up, Insights, First times and Transformation

  • Virtually Possible 2.0

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