Start the conversation: Creating a safe space to explore tough topics with Rose Allett (Episode 172)


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This week, we’re talking about a topic that isn’t really talked about, and today’s guest is on a mission to change that.

(A quick heads up if you’re listening, in this episode we’re talking about suicide, and how to starting a conversation if you’re worried about someone).

My guest is Rose Allett, and she is the face behind Start the Conversation. She’s a qualified counsellor, mum of one, keen yogi and singer (amongst other things!) and also a passionate, experienced and international tutor of suicide prevention skills.

In this conversation, I’m curious to discover how Rose creates trust quickly with her groups, particularly in the virtual world, and how she starts a conversation around a sensitive topic. We also dive into being a business owner and the importance of having an abundance mindset- valuing collaboration, over competition.

Rose is also the co-creator of Talking about Suicide: Ten Tools (TAS10), a 90-minute Zoom session , Accredited tutor of Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Intervention, the UK's only National Qualification in suicide prevention, a consultant tutor for the National Centre for Suicide Prevention Training UK CIC, as well as A LivingWorks master trainer, having delivered over 35 ASIST programme across both hemispheres.

She actively promotes and deliver suicide prevention skills training within our communities because we are all human beings and because suicide doesn't discriminate.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, Rose is passionate about empowering people to overcome their fears and find the words to talk about suicide, because she believes... she knows... that talking saves lives. It saved hers.

And not just talking, listening too. A conversation; a brave, bold and necessary conversation.

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