Turning a monologue into a dialogue with Johnny Quinn (Episode 171)


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This week we’re focusing on two of my favourite things, that I mention on this podcast over and over again (aren’t you lucky!): Unpredictability and Contrast.

My guest today, Johnny Quinn from Audience Alive, epitomises both.

This is a masterclass episode in how to do things differently in your workshops.

I’m not saying that lightly either, literally, there are at least 10 ideas in this podcast, you can use, or share with your company, or anyone running events, workshops, presentations to immediately create audience engagement.

Raised and Educated in Ireland, Johnny arrived in Dubai in 1996 determined to make the difference between presentations that fell flat, and that sealed the deal.

After several years with Philips Middle East he started AudienceAlive Dubai, and then in 2015, expanded the operation to beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand.

He’s been a DJ, Postman, Van Driver, Theatre, Technician, Cameraman, Engineering Manager, Business, Development Manager, Company Owner and his burning desire is to travel to the worlds top 10 beaches (I’m sure Cable Beach in WA would be up there, that’s my favourite beach!)

In this episode, Johnny also shares some very memorably analogies, one liners and expressions, you can also use to help influence others to be brave, and try things differently.

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