Virtual centering and well-being techniques for online meetings with Wade Brill (Episode 134)


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Are you zipping around from one virtual meeting to the next? Clicking Exit on a call, then clicking a new link to jump on the next without getting space in between? I am!

How can we facilitate an experience, where our participants arrive into our virtual workshops with renewed energy and focus?

That's the conversation I have with today's guest, Wade Brill.

Wade is a Mindfulness Coach, Podcaster and Speaker who helps busy professionals experiencing stress and overwhelm be more present, productive and energized. Wade devotes her life’s work to helping others connect to their own inspiration.

In this conversation, we discuss virtual centering and wellbeing techniques, and how to build our facilitation skills, as we move virtually to help support team wellbeing.

Wade also shared her ideas on how we can use team video calls to work on team connection, listening and attention skills.

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