Workshop Design in the Moment (and from your back pocket) with Meg Bolger (Episode 146)


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I spend TOO many time designing workshops, making sure every activity, every piece of content is fit for purpose!

Wouldn't it be great if planning a workshop was as easy as shuffling some cards around?

Today's guest thought so, too!

Meg Bolger is a facilitator working to create a more beautiful and just world. She's the co-developer of Facilitator Cards, a deck of 60 processing tools for facilitators.

Meg is also the co-author of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation and the co-creator of The Safe Zone Project, a free online resource for creating powerful, effective LGBTQ+ awareness and training workshops.

In this conversation, we talk about how Meg found her feet in facilitation, how she became clever at structuring her facilitation activities and process, and how she can pretty much, create a workshop from thin air, using a cool tactical tool - her deck of Facilitator Cards.

We also explore the role of facilitator and how we can often wear many hats.

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