Our New Decaf Blend - Episode 1755


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: Episode 1755 - On this Wednesday show, Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie to talk our new decaf blend, granted trademarks, Vinnie's truck, trying again after failure, and more. Https://www.vinnietortorich.com/2021/01/our-new-decaf-blend-episode-1755 PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS DECAF BLEND Pure Coffee Club is making a decaf! It will be water processed, using the Swiss Water Process. This way, it doesn't have the chemicals in it. We've finally figured out our blend, and it is delicious. Even Vinnie, who isn't a decaf guy, likes it. GRANTED TRADEMARKS We now have UltraFat® trademarked. See the little (r) up there? We also have a registered trademark for Squeeze Our Nuts®! Yep, that's right, we own that. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the charts. We need it to get big for people to see it. Fat Doc 1 is also out Go watch it now! We need people to buy and review for it to stay at the top of iTunes pages. Available for both rental and purchase. You can also buy hardcopy or watch online at Amazon. YOU CAN NOW STREAM FOR FREE ON AMAZON PRIME IF YOU HAVE IT! RESOURCES Https://www.vinnietortorich.com Https://www.purevitaminclub.com Https://www.purevitaminclub.co.uk Https://www.purecoffeeclub.com Https://www.nsngfoods.com Https://www.bit.ly/fatdocumentary

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